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Unlock your career in cybersecurity

La Trobe University offers the chance to gain acceptance to the Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity course without the need for your Bachelors degree. You’ll need four years of experience in any field or three years of IT experience and successful completion of two microcredentials.

Following completion and acceptance into the Graduate Certificate, you will be eligible for advanced standing for one subject in the Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity. Completion of the Graduate Certificate will enable you to apply to the Master of Cybersecurity course.

Take advantage of La Trobe’s professional entry option

Successfully complete the following two microcredentials and meet the work experience requirements to be eligible to apply for the Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity – waiving the requirement for an undergraduate degree.

Cybersecurity Principles for Professionals

This microcredential will equip you with a sound knowledge of cybersecurity principles and basic skills in:

  • Applying principles of cybersecurity practices, regulatory frameworks and industry standards
  • Protection of data, systems and networks through the application of cybersecurity techniques

Cyber and Data Security for Professionals

This microcredential will equip you with basic skills like:

  • Identifying security threats and determining countermeasures
  • Analysing data to identify or resolve operational problems
  • Analysing the security of systems network or data
  • Monitoring the security of digital information
  • Non-technical skills (communication, problem solving and critical analysis)

In-depth cybersecurity curriculum built by experts

Our Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity curriculum is built in partnership with industry leaders. Subjects focus on the advanced, detailed skills you’ll need to succeed in cybersecurity. You’ll explore real-world scenarios and gain hands-on experience.

Cybersecurity Principles

Focus on information security, ethical and legal practices, mitigating vulnerabilities, incident response and analysis.

Information Technology Fundamentals

Gain an understanding of information systems and application software packages.

Inside the Mind of a Hacker

Better identify weaknesses and emerging threats to develop more effective defences.

Introduction to Programming

Learn the steps involved in designing and creating software solutions for a range of practical problems.

Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity careers

Our partnerships with large companies help us create projects that give you real-world experience. You’ll graduate prepared to fill the need for more cybersecurity professionals. Graduates work in sectors including technology, communications, education, finance, government and healthcare.

Jobs in cybersecurity

Security architect $183,000/year1

Cyber intelligence analyst $120,000/year2

Cybersecurity consultant $100,000/year3

Cybersecurity policy adviser $132,000/year4

About La Trobe University

At La Trobe University, we believe you need a powerful skill set beyond what you learn in a textbook. We teach you how to adapt to new situations, connect with others, take the lead and think differently, all while you learn the skills and knowledge you need to advance your career.

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Online learning at LaTrobe

You’ll learn in an online classroom designed to fit around your life, offering flexible schedule options and the opportunity to study whenever and wherever it suits you. With an online curriculum that’s founded on research and explores key field fundamentals, you’ll graduate ready for new career opportunities.

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